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sorry guys for spamming my blog with my photos of PTV from last night.


A day in the life of Keep A Breast Ambassadors Pierce The Veil and their fans turning awareness into action and fans into supporters. Music has been a huge driving force behind Keep A Breast helping us to continue to educate young people and we couldn’t do it without the support from the Vans Warped Tour for the past 11 years!

Tony guitar pick ! c:

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just incase anyone forgot this existed

Title: Tangled In The Great Escape (feat. Jason Butler) Artist: Pierce The Veil 4,979 plays

Tangled in the Great Escape (feat. Jason Butler)

Anonymous asked: Is mike going bald!!??? D:


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Anonymous asked: When u guys are marriage, will u guys still be singing??



MikeyWhiskeyHands (Mike Fuentes of Pierce The Veil) will release a new song called “Get Your Mind Right” on March 26 via Rise Records, but you can listen to a piece of it now. By clicking here

i think i might start making ptv gifs

just because i have nothing better to do. so if anyone has a video they want me to gif leave it here i guess?