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Anonymous asked: You suck at updating this blog

you’ll get over it

Anonymous asked: some guys did a remix to cara


Anonymous asked: hello. i have some sheepcat related questions.
why does tony hate sheepcat? is sheepcat a boy or a girl? what videos does sheepcat star in apart from the making of selfish machines? thank you.

i think he just thinks it’s really creepy, um i actually don’t know what it is but i can see it being a girl, it was in a few of their live webcam show things i don’t have links to them but they’re on youtube

comfortfaraway-deactivated20120 asked: I'm pretty sure this is what the anon wanted. So here's a link for the meanings for selfish machines:

thank you!

winter-forever asked: Your blog makes me very happy. (:

hey thanks!!

Anonymous asked: Ok i know it was awhile back you posted about the meanings of the songs from selfish machines and can you repost it because i tried looking for it in my likes but i couldnt find it

i looked through the archive and i can’t find it so if someone else has it and wants to leave it in my ask or something i’ll post it

Anonymous asked: Do you know of any good Pierce the Veil fanfictions? :)

no you fucking weirdo

Anonymous asked: what does the SD stand for on those SD knife tanks?

san diego

luh-renn asked: i don't know if you know but are there any acoustic versions of Besitos or The Boy Who Could Fly...? though, those two might be hard to do acoustic. :p

i don’t think there is but i could be wrong

Anonymous asked: Is there an acoustic version for every single one of there songs on Selfish Machines? I don't mean to be a bother, but if so, do you have the links that you havent already posted of there acoustic versions? :)

all i know of is caraphernelia and bulletproof love. i heard there’s more but i don’t have them.